Ultralight Backpackin’ Tips

Record the totals, and make sure to add a column titled “Why” for each item. If you can’t answer “why” you need something—don’t take it!

Chalked with good advice throughout. Almost have my base pack down to < 20 lbs.

Open meadows surrounded by gentle hills can be heartbreakingly beautiful, but the cool air will collect in these low areas, so camp just a little bit uphill. Getting even slightly off the meadow floor will ensure a warmer air temperature on a calm night. Dew will collect in low areas, especially if there is a water source nearby. Get up above the meadow floor to avoid getting unnecessarily damp during the night.

Dense trees are warmer than an open meadow. If you predict a cold night, tuck yourself into a tightly packed zone of foliage. All you need is a flat area big enough to lie down, nothing more.