Tech in 2020

Benedict Evan‘s annual presentation on tech trends.

The bundling and unbundling quote and context is interesting to think about in the context of CPG. Right now there is a growing “long tail of brands” as the cost to launch just about anything has come down (apparel, beauty, food, etc.). At some point, this gets bundled again (i.e. rolled up), but on what vector? where and who gets leverage by rolling them up?

Surprising stat: 15% of retail is e-commerce and lower in fresh food—long ways to go still.

All commerce seems like it will be a blend of experiential retail plus a digital back end. If this is the case, AR seems like the logical platform as it blends the two and this increasingly seems like where we are going.

7 of the top 10 companies are technology with Berkshire, Johnson and Johnson, and Exxon as the only 3 that are not. Exxon has to drop off that list pretty soon.