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[nectar_single_testimonial testimonial_style=”bold” color=”Extra-Color-1″ style=”bold” quote=”If you change the way your brain processes an event, you change the duration of the ‘now.’ You actually change the point at which the present becomes the past.” subtitle=”Recursion” name=”Blake Crouch”]

Good mind-bending fiction from the author of Wayard Pines.

[nectar_single_testimonial testimonial_style=”bold” color=”Extra-Color-1″ style=”bold” quote=”What is the Schwarzschild radius of a memory? A wild notion…when we die, does the immense gravity of our collapsing memories create a micro black hole? A wilder notion…does the memory-reactivation procedure—at the moment of death—then open a wormhole that connects our consciousness to an earlier version of ourselves?” subtitle=”Recursion” name=”Blake Crouch”]